The Snowball Effect of a Security Breach

It is an unfortunate reality, but security breaches are more common than they have ever been. 

Across multiple different industries, security breaches happen on an almost weekly basis and the impact of those breaches can be felt long after they initially take place.  As a healthcare IT company, Compass Network Group understands the importance of personal information and keeping it safe.  We have provided healthcare IT services for over two decades and know that it’s our job to not only provide services to our clients but knowledge as well. 

Helping our clients understand that security breaches are not a one-off issue is key in being aware of just how important it is to keep data safe.  The information collected in a security breach can be used by nefarious characters to aid in their next cyberattack.  This creates a snowball effect that can create bigger problems than originally anticipated.

Criminals who cause security breaches are always trying to find things that will aid them in getting what they want.  Regardless of the goal, the most direct path to that end is usually passwords.  Hackers will use various ways to collect things like passwords and other user credentials to get information without users even knowing it.  Once they have a set of usernames and passwords, hackers can go undetected for long periods of time and gain access to various sites, applications, and networks within a business. Compass Network Group offers enhanced security services that alert us to suspicious activity on your network which is an early indicator that either the credentials or devices being used by an individual may be putting information in jeopardy. 

Passwords obviously make it easier for hackers to gain access, but the access is simply a means to an end.  The snowball effect starts after access is gained.  Information is what hackers are usually after.  In today’s world, information gained from a security breach can be used in many different ways to the benefit of hackers.  One of the most common ways that hackers use the information to their benefit is through phishing.  Usually coming in the form of e-mails, phishing is a technique that makes an e-mail, or other communication, seem like it is coming from a legitimate source.  Once private information from a company is secured, it can be very difficult for people to discern whether or not a communication is coming from a genuine source, which can be used to gain a trove of information.  Whether it be more usernames and passwords, personal information like names and addresses, or even things like credit card and banking information, information can be at risk.  The healthcare IT services we can provide can minimize the potential for access to fall into the wrong hands.

After personal information is gained, it can be used in different ways to negatively impact individuals.  The effects of a security breach can be felt immediately, especially when the information gained is credit card numbers and banking information.  Consumers lose billions of dollars every year to identity theft, but the damages from a breach can go beyond the surface of simply stealing money.  Information can be used to bribe or blackmail people, businesses, and even governments.  The snowball effect can continue as information can be held for ransom once it is obtained.  Holding information for ransom is more common among large corporations but is becoming increasingly common for individuals as time goes on.  One of the biggest problems with information being held for ransom is that there is virtually no way to know whether hackers and criminals will not continue to use this information in the future to their advantage once a ransom is paid.  The snowball effect will continue to grow and cybersecurity measures will have to grow and change right along with it.

It is important to recognize that security breaches have consequences reaching beyond simple inconvenience.  You need to hire a company that can help protect your business and the information your business holds.  Compass Network Group is an experienced healthcare IT company that knows that the need for security against breaches is needed now more than ever. 

We provide a wide range of services that help keep our clients safe and their data secure.  Contact us today to schedule a discovery session, and know where you stand.