COVID 19 Alert

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Like you, we have been monitoring the relief programs coming out of Congress. 

Here are some valuable resources on the programs available:

* This program provides forgivable loans to keep your staff employed.

* Participating banks also offer SBA 7(a) loans, also with advantageous terms.

Below are links to some useful information on SBA loans,  expanded paid leave under the CARES Act and more.

As a dental IT provider, Compass Network Group recognizes we have a special obligation to support our clients in the healthcare industry while minimizing everyone’s risk of contracting COVID-19.

We already have robust work-from-home capabilities, including call handling and remote access, to help us continue to provide service while dispersing our staff. We will adjust onsite service and projects appropriately. If you currently have work scheduled, please advise us of any change in office availability.

If you anticipate that anyone in your office will need to work from home that does not currently have remote access, please contact us. We will help you set up remote access for any employees who need that capability.

If your office currently uses Cloud PBX phones, you can access your extension through the ReachUC app when working remotely. If you do not have Cloud PBX phones or need help with the app, we can help.

Our goal is to continue to support you while keeping everyone safe.

Thank you,

Mark Pontius


Compass Network Group, Inc.