Compass Network Group Looks to Improve Protection Online with Cutting Edge Safety Measure

With user data being stolen at an alarming rate in today’s digital landscape, guarding vital information has become a priority for most businesses. Precious user data is bought and sold online to dubious organizations and individuals who can then cause issues, which can range from ‘minor nuisances’ to devastating personal and professional fallout. The tools and means that allow cyber criminals to exploit this information evolve as time goes on. For this reason, Compass Network Group stays ahead of the curve to combat this growing problem by offering cutting edge security solutions.

Compass Network Group has added a new layer of safety to its already substantial catalogue of services that protect its clients. The new Enhanced Security Suite addresses threats businesses face every day. Information like passwords and usernames can be extracted from websites when they become compromised and now Compass Network Group has a foundational level of defense through an SOC, or Security Operations Center, to help combat those threats. The Enhanced Security Suite builds upon the SOC by adding an augmented layer of safety, which is achieved through an intricate set of protocols.

“Managed by our Security Operations Center, the Enhanced Security Suite provides next generation monitoring and response to keep our clients’ practices secure in a constantly escalating cyber threat environment.  This is the latest in our ongoing efforts to keep bad actors from compromising and disrupting our clients’ networks.” – Mark Pontius, President

The Enhanced Security Suite starts by providing training for staff on how to avoid risky scenarios online.  It also monitors a system for suspicious behavior, malware and other unreliable programs that may make their way into a computer.  Curated monitoring is a key feature that will look for specific changes to files and other activity that then is reported to the Security Operations Center.  Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, the Enhanced Security Suite can also help to identify potential dangers that evade gateways and conventional endpoint security.

Compass Network Group has over 20 years of experience and serves over 500 practices. Protecting its clients is their number one priority. For a limited time, Compass Network Group is offering a free introductory network survey and dark web scan. To schedule a survey and find out more about the Enhanced Security Suite, contact the experts at Compass today.