Why Communication Is So Important

We believe that good communication in the workplace plays a fundamental role in all aspects of business, and is imperative in order to thrive, both internally and externally.

Why is effective communication so important? Here’s why it needs to be a focus in your practice:

Builds and Maintains Effective Teams

Good, open communication within a workplace leads to a more collaborative and efficient team, and tends to boost their morale. Team members who are well informed of the direction and vision of the organization and feel that they are working towards a common goal will feel more secure and enthusiastic in their role.

Also, business owners and managers who possess and cultivate effective communication skills are more effective at adequately informing their staff of their responsibilities and the expectations, and provide constructive feedback, as well as appreciation.

Builds and Maintains External Relationships

Open lines of communication strengthen your connections and allow for effective relationships not just within, but also outside of your practice, which is a key to building and maintaining positive and productive relationships with customers, clients, partners and vendors.

Regularly communicating with people you liaison with is an important aspect of building up trust, satisfaction and loyalty. Also, it’s crucial to establish and respect the preferred method of communication with your clients, patients, etc.


When the organization promotes feedback and open communication of new ideas, employees feel comfortable, heard, and encouraged, and teamwork, innovation, and development prosper.


Just as a lack of proper communication internally and externally can lead to the downfall of any practice, effective communication can also support timely implementation of policies, marketing efforts, IT efforts, etc. – and ultimately lead to increased productivity.


Regularly communicating both internally and externally will make you more transparent as a business – an important ingredient in building trust with your employees, in your brand, and in your services.

Having good and open communication is also crucial to a successful relationship with your IT provider/support company, so you can have your IT needs met and issues solved quickly and efficiently.

As a busy practice, you need your communication platform to be robust and sophisticated, containing features that promote flexibility, mobility and productivity while remaining cost-effective and simple to use.

At Compass Network Group, we understand the importance of being effective, transparent, and available to respond to our clients’ needs in a timely manner, and offer communication services that are always a simple, cost-efficient and up to date solution.

Our communication services enable you to:

  • Answer calls on-the-go from any device – laptop, cellphone, or tablet
  • Have the support of all the features and long-distance calling you need at a flat, monthly rate
  • Add new features or lines for less money and less hassle

In today’s vastly digital and technologically advanced world, the need to stay connected for personal and business purposes is great, so we stay committed to keeping up with the dental industry IT standards and bringing the most efficient solution to our dental practice clients.

Make sure your practice has communication and IT solutions you and your patients deserve, contact Compass Network Group today and learn more about the communication services we offer: