Becoming HIPAA Compliant is Easier with Compass Network Group

In today’s digital world, most dental practices are computerized, allowing dentists to run their offices more efficiently than ever before.

However, advanced technology also means that dental offices are more at risk of violating HIPAA rules – something every office wants to avoid.

Being HIPAA compliant is an important undertaking for a dental practice. It is also one of the most challenging responsibilities.

The consequences of violating HIPAA can be significant, as major gaps in compliance can significantly impact your reputation and your business.

So, how do you ensure you’re staying compliant with HIPAA laws and regulations?

Once you set your compliance foundation, you need to maintain it – which is not difficult if you stay up to date.

However, something you may think is still current may have become out-of-date. Staying HIPAA compliant requires an investment but is better than potential fines, or worse in a breach investigation.

There’s a HIPAA manual that you can buy from the ADA (American Dental Association) for $300. Great, you think. This isn’t expensive.

But the cost of the manual is only the beginning. Typically the principal or office manager spearheads the compliance process. In addition to a lot of unfamiliar language in the manual, where will you find the time in your busy day to implement this and how will you keep up to date?

There is another solution that will bring you peace of mind; IT support services in Lancaster PA. These include OfficeSafe HIPAA compliance service, which guides you through the compliance process, simplifies generating the required documentation, helps train your staff, keeps you up to date, and in the event of an audit, provides a response team and breach insurance.

OfficeSafe includes the PCI (Payment Card Industry) scans required by HIPAA, and in some cases reduces the cost of credit card processing which can offset some or all of the service.

HIPAA compliance requires both the technical services that Compass provides and the administrative services that OfficeSafe fulfills, offloading the burden from you – both in implementation and in the event of an audit or breach.

It’s a less stressful and more comprehensive way to staying HIPAA compliant.

At Compass Network Group, our focus on digital dentistry means we are up to date with dental industry IT and government requirements and offer the best solutions for our dental practice clients.

 Each interaction with your dental practice is a chance for us to re-earn your trust and enhance your business.

Is your technology reliable and HIPAA compliant, so you can care for your patients the way you want?

Become and stay HIPAA compliant with our expert IT support Lancaster PA call Compass Network Group today to learn more.