Communication Is Key When Choosing The Right IT Company For Your Dental Practice

Having a good business communication process enables seamless communication with your patients and vendors, and also among your employees. And, having an open line of communication strengthens your connections and allows for effective relationships within and outside of your practice.

 Having good communication is also crucial to a successful relationship with your IT provider.

When you work with an IT support company, the key to having your IT needs met and issues solved quickly and efficiently is open communication.

At Compass Network Group, we understand the importance of being thorough, transparent, and available to respond to our clients’ needs in a timely manner. So to provide the best service possible, we take the time to first learn your dental practice environment and capture and document all the relevant information when we embark on our professional journey with you.  

 Why is it important to have an open line of communication with your IT Company?

Since, as your IT company, we keep records and all the info necessary to provide the support your practice needs, once everything is set up and your business runs smoothly, it’s of vital importance to keep communicating with us regarding any updates or modifications you’re thinking of doing, or issues you may be having.

We are here for you, so keeping us informed about any changes beforehand can save often times save you money and headaches down the line.

Now, what happens if you make changes to your environment without telling your IT Company, or if you don’t supply all the latest info?

Among other things, it could lead to poor service down the line, as our skilled engineers work with the information they have about your IT environment and if it’s incorrect, it will take longer to solve the issue. 

There are many reasons to keep your IT provider in the loop.

If, let’s say, you make changes to your environment without the assistance of your IT provider, or you don’t openly communicate with us about the current environment, it could result in your equipment or software malfunctioning.

Updates of any sort are important to reach out to us, both for OS and applications, and adding or switching system wide apps is critical. Adding computers or equipment that interfaces with computers is another instance. The potential impact is in two broad areas – productivity, as things can stop working or slow down, and backups. If we, as your IT provider, don’t know that there’s a new source data or that someone has changed the location of where data is stored, vital data is not being backed up.

Also, the program you’re using can stop working altogether, some programs you have may be too outdated to work with a new email solution, a new Microsoft Update or a virus definition could cause your system to go down due to a change, or the new desktop may not appreciate the old software from years ago, etc. 

At Compass Network Group, Inc., each interaction with our dental practice clients is a chance for us to re-earn your trust and enhance your business – so you should never feel like you are bothering our team.

Even if you think an issue is very simple and you can take care of it on your own, or you believe the changes you want to make will not affect your IT and network environment, please do call us. We will readily team up and provide our knowledge and experience to ensure your business gets the best solutions, and – it saves you time, effort and money. 

We live in a highly digital and technologically advanced world, and the importance of staying connected for personal and business purposes is tremendous. So, we strive to keep up with the dental industry IT standards and bring latest and greatest to our dental practice clients. Rest assured we keep up with the latest technology trends and will always be able to offer the most efficient solution to you.

Is your technology fully reliable, so you can care for your patients the way you want?  

Make sure your practice has communication and IT solutions you and your patients deserve.

To get more features, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, contact Compass Network Group today.