5 gadgets to take on the road

Traveling can be a mess sometimes.  It’s difficult to track all your on-the-go gadgets and to keep everything organized and under control.

However, new technology is continuously released that aims to make every part of your life simpler – even traveling.  Here are 5 gadgets you should consider taking on your next business trip or family vacation.

Knomad Mini

When you’re on the go, it’s difficult to keep track of all the items you’re required to take on the road with you; however, the Knomad Mini Organizer solves this nomadic complaint because it’s “designed for life on the go.”  This elegant and gender-neutral canvas carry-on is capable of transporting a tablet, smartphone, and passport, as well as multiple credit cards, chargers, and pens.

Brunton Power Knife

Designed like the traditional pocket knife, the Brunton Power Knife is a great addition to any on-the-go bag.  Flip out the correct output for your device and use the standard USB input to connect to a source of power.  Brunton is handy if you have multiple connected devices with no desire to carry all the cords necessary for charging.

BuQu Tech PowerArmour Case

The BuQu Tech PowerArmour Case makes it much more realistic to charge your connected devices when you’re out of the city and moving from place to place.  This charger easily slips onto your iPhone or Galaxy like a typical phone case does and will provide your phone with a full charge.  You can turn the charge on or off if you want to save some juice for later.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is a useful product for any home, but when you’re traveling, it can be especially convenient.  With this smart gadget, you can see who comes to your door and buzz people in with your phone.  Or, you can install the connected pin pad for easy access and a keyless entry and give unique pin-codes to family members and friends.  This can be useful if you need a neighbor to feed your dog while you’re on vacation or if you leave your older children at home while you’re on a business trip.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker

Most people who travel on an airplane fear that their luggage will be lost at some point during the journey and that they’ll arrive at their destination with no clothes, no toothbrush, no anything.  However, with the Trakdot Luggage Tracker, you’ll never have a fear like this again.  Connect this gadget to your phone and slip it into your luggage.  When you arrive at your destination, you’ll know exactly where your personal items are—with you or a few states away.