10 Free Apps For Budgeting On The Go

Need to create a detailed budget that can be updated anytime, anywhere, on any device? Lucky for you, there’s an app for that—lots of them, actually. From helping you save money to tracking your spending habits, these apps will make managing your finances a breeze.

  1. Mint

This popular app does all the budgeting work for you. From budgets and categorized overviews to monthly net worth and multiple account management, Mint has a lot to offer those in need of financial assistance.

  1. GoodBudget

Putting allocated amounts into “envelopes” allows you to budget by category and divvy up your monthly expenses. Customizable time frames give you the ability to learn your spending habits and create recurring budget sections.

  1. Mvelopes

This app focuses on the long term with detailed financial questions, connections to your accounts and spending envelopes for a defined budget that gives you a real view of your financial status.

  1. BillGuard

An intuitive, automated system, BillGuard connects to your accounts and credit cards to manage your budget and alert you when an unauthorized charge occurs.

  1. Pocket Expense

Get visuals of your spending before creating budgets, giving you a true view of what your expenses should be. Enter all transactions manually—perfect for those who prefer not to link accounts.

  1. Expensify

This very simple, easy-to-use app lets you scan receipts to attach to expenses, use GPS for mileage tracking, set timers for hourly earnings, and connect bank accounts for daily budget details. When needed, you can export reports or send invoices straight from the app or web interface.

  1. Wally

Instead of creating an actual budget, Wally manages your spending, saving and income ratio to track your income and expenses each month. Hailed for its simplicity in both design and ease of use, this popular app is perfect for those who don’t need to keep up with a tedious budget.

  1. DollarBird

Perfect for a single person on a budget, the clean and easy-to-use DollarBird lets users enter expenses manually and create budget goals that can stay with them on the go for whenever and wherever they’re spending.

  1. Acorns

This app rounds up each expense to the next dollar and invests it into a diversified portfolio—allowing you to save without even noticing.

  1. Digit

Connecting to your bank account, Digit analyzes your average balance and expenses before moving small amounts into a savings account without you even realizing it’s gone.