4 Hardware Versions That Are Better Than Yours

The evolution of technology is happening before our eyes—sometimes so quickly that by the time we purchase the latest device, there’s a newer, shinier version available. We often focus on upgrading devices like smartphones and laptops, but what about the hardware? Here are the better versions of five pieces of hardware you use on a daily basis.

Keyboard: Virtual Keyboard

Virtual keyboards use lasers to project keys—allowing you to type on any surface. Bluetooth compatible, these futuristic keyboards link to your device to make typing an easy task wherever you are. The Brookstone Virtual Keyboard is a favorite, with advanced optics to track your finger movements and a rechargeable battery that will last up to two hours.

Mouse: Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse

The Memory Mouse is more than a mouse—it’s a functional drive with 1GB of flash memory, 2.4 GHz wireless technology with 30 feet of range and high-definition lasers for more precise tracking. It’s USB rechargeable with magnetic connectors that allow you to charge while working, and a battery life LED indicator lets you know when it’s running low.

Router: Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router

When it comes to routers, you want speed, range, and easy management. This one offers all that and more with unprecedented speed, excellent range, and remote access. One of the most popular routers of the year, Linksys Smart Wi-Fi is perfect for those who want ease of use and top-line performance.

Cases: Nexpaq

Storage, speakers, battery backups—cases for your device aren’t just cases anymore; they’re fully functional pieces of hardware that can fit in your pocket. The Nexpaq case turns your smartphone into a modular army knife that can be customized with the functions you need. Mix and match features like additional power, an amplified speaker, temperature sensors, storage, a card reader, Breathalyzer and more.