What’s In Store For Health Wearables?

As the future of healthcare, wearables go way beyond simply monitoring your heart rate. Wearables are getting more and more intuitive every year and the tech industry is not slowing down on the delivery. Here are some of the latest features to hit the healthcare industry:

Preventative alerting

Smart wearables mean smarter remote monitoring. There are devices to monitor, prevent and alert in non-intrusive ways.

An arm sensor measures glucose to eliminate finger-pricking and a bra sensor assesses breast health to detect breast cancer in the early stages. An ulcer sensor alerts patients to get up and move if they’ve been sitting too long and a body patch monitors all critical vitals.

Medicine integration

Devices can now monitor motion algorithms and changes in the body that sense when to dispense medicine. For instance, Smart Stop by Chrono Therapeutics is embedded with sensors to monitor Nicotine cravings. It delivers medication to curb the craving and communicates motivation through a companion app.

Gaming interaction

Mobile health technology is starting to incorporate a gaming aspect, taking advantage of the immediate results that come from wearables. Whether the focus is on reaching specific daily goals or physical interactions to stay fit, wearables are using technology to put fun into healthcare.

Consumables connected to apps

A consumable pill allows doctors to track issues, alert patients of any problems and monitor medicine consumption. This futuristic pill pairs with a companion app to give patients detailed information on how to lead healthier lifestyles and when check-ups are needed.

Smarter technology

Smart wearables not only give us the ability to live healthier lives, but also allow us to live more efficiently in the process As an example, Google Smart Contact Lenses measure glucose levels in tears and restore the eye’s autofocus. And Quell Relief travels to another part of the human anatomy to improve the functionality of a knee brace with the help of a smartphone application.