Modern Ways to Increase Productivity at your Practice

Your practice is more than just healthcare—it’s a business. And just like any business, your priority(after your patients, of course) should be your bottom line. When most dentists start their own practice, they expect to work with their patients all day—examining cavities and soothing aches and pains.But, unfortunately, this is far from reality. They soon realize things like marketing, technology and accounting are also part of the deal.

To run your practice more like a business, you need to optimize your day-to-day operations and streamline your workflow processes. Here are foursimple ways to achieve this.

1. Invest in a mobile environment.

Modern times call for modern communication. If your patients can’t access you and your staff whenever, wherever and however, the growth of your practice will falter. Avoid this dismal future and invest in a mobile environment. Give your patients anywhere, anytime access to you—through an online website, email, smartphone applications, instant messaging and social media.

2. Let apps do the work.

Dentists whoincorporatebusiness applications into their practices experiencesteadygrowth, streamlined management processes and stronger patient loyalty.

Applications make it easier for your practice to collect payments, schedule appointments and record patient information. On the flip side, they also make it easier for yourpatients to pay, schedule and record, as well. And, anything that makes your patient happier and their life a little simpler, is good for your practice.

3. Automation is key.

If your team is still booking appointments with pen and paper and using a filing cabinet to store patient records, it’s time for a technology update. Whether it’s with a partner application or throughadvanced software, technology automation is vital to your practice.

With the right dose of automation, you can increase overall productivity. You could potentially automate things like appointment confirmations, recall notices, reactivations, birthday greetings and post-visit surveys. As a result, you’ll see a boost in customer satisfaction, as well as a stronger sense of patient loyalty.

4. Monitor your technology.

Once you have the technology you need to increase productivity, it’s important to stay with it. You should always monitor your IT additions and track your progress to ensure you see only positiveresults.

Invest in a system that automatically audits your ITfor overhead profit and loss, monthly goals, retention rates, and more. You have the technology—now it’s time to make sure you get the most out of it.